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Duuton®3  - Naturally Comfortable Weatherproof Protection

Made in Switzerland, Duuton®3  is a no compromise - 100% premium cotton - technical outdoor fabric. (Made by Stotz this is the same textile which is sometimes branded as etaProof ® or Ventile®. It is the same fabric from the same manufacturer represented using alternative trademarks).

The special extra long staple (ELS) yarns - for superior strength - and precision high density weave protects against wind, rain, snow and sun, yet remains incredibly durable, breathable and comfortable. Its low maintenance micro construction dynamically expands when wet to repel foul weather without the need to add wax or oils. Being unimpeded Duuton®3  maintains its full breathability with a rustle-free comfort and performs across an extreme diversity of weather conditions and temperatures.


We use 200g Duuton®3  (aka, Ventile*) throughout the TREK MKII jacket.

ELS cotton fibres are only available from around 2% of the world's entire cotton crop, but due to their naturally long length this creates yarns of superior strength as they can be spun using an exceptionally low twist. To then create the tightly woven high density textile takes several more hours of skilled labour resulting in a particularly strong fabric with excellent dimensional stability, a superior lustre and a visibly smoother finish.

Duuton®3  is also treated with a special Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to improve drying times and help repel moisture.

(IMPORTANT: At ebbelsen® we use two complete separate layers of Duuton®3 /Ventile® in our  jackets and not just a single outer layer and not just a double-layer across the shoulders).

*Duuton®3 /Ventile® - same textile, different trademarks: made by Stotz.

Why cotton?

For drape, comfort and breathability little compares to 100% cotton; especially next to the skin and for its rustle-free silence. When wearing a jacket all day long, there's little to compare. One of the joys of a well designed cotton field or trekking jacket is its true versatility.

But what makes ebbelsen® field jackets so exceptional is the commitment to improve upon this classic functionality further by upgrading to Duuton®3 ; a premium ELS weatherproof cotton. We believe that a jacket made for outdoor life should give protection across the broadest range of climatic conditions and a Duuton®3  fabric makes our cotton garments significantly more weatherproof than you might otherwise have expected (or would experience with ordinary "cotton" or cotton/synthetic mixtures).

Duuton3 versatility performance chart

Unlike conventional outdoor cotton field jackets, due to the combination of Duuton®3  and weather conscious construction techniques, an ebbelsen® field jacket provides superb wet weather protection for unexpected rain. While we don't aspire to create waterproof jackets explicitly and we never describe our garments as waterproof, in our experience we do say you'd have to be unlucky to become wet inside one of our double layer Duuton®3  field jackets even during the heaviest of prolonged wet weather.

In use:

The tight high-density weave of Duuton®3  protects against the sun's UV rays and direct heat while also being perfectly capable of repelling icy winds. Unlike most synthetic fabrics, a classic cotton field, trekking and travel jacket can be worn all day through several seasons and all day on the days when you experience several seasons.

Ebbelsen wet weather ventile cotton fabric

Duuton®3  has a surprisingly soft touch and is comfortable next to the skin. Unlike virtually all synthetic textiles, it improves with age and its core weather protection does not deteriorate over time. (You could say, the fabric is being 'broken-in' when new). It does not require special maintenance or waxing and it is dry to the touch (which also works well with expensive car upholstery).

Reassuringly, the dynamic properties of a Duuton®3  fabric - designed to repel wet weather - provides consistent weatherproof performance for the actual life of the garment and does not require special care, constant washing or treatments and maintenance to keep working. Perfect for when you're far away from home or when you just need your jacket to work every time all the time.

Duuton3 etaProof textile

Technical performance:

In wet conditions the softly spun yarns - within the fabric's tight weave - dynamically expand to form an effective barrier against the elements. With a hydrostatic head measurement of at least 750mm Duuton®3  provides excellent wet weather performance, while its tight high-density weave also protects against UV rays and repels strong winds. The 200g m2 version:

  • Hydrostatic head measurement (ISO 0811): a continuous and solid water pressure of at least 750mm before showing signs of the fabric being breached
  • Low air permeability measurement of only 0.4 (cm3/cm2/sec, 0.98 mbar)
  • Oil repellent (AATCC 118-1966T: 5-6)
  • 30 weft threads and over 80 warp threads per cm. [Minimum tear strength of 800 (g) and 1400 (g), respectively]
  • Minimum ISO 5084 tensile breaking strength (at N/5cm) of 650 (weft) and 1100 (warp)
  • Dimensional stability (ISO 6330 [washed at 60 degs]) of at least 3.5.

Duuton®3  is extraordinarily versatile and performs across a diverse range of climates, temperatures and weather conditions.


A fantastically reliable, versatile and tough textile it consistently delivers perfect all-round, everyday, yearlong outdoor performance and is our established first choice for trekking and travel garments.

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RIRI Decor E zip
RIRI logo

RIRI® zips

RIRI® have been making, innovating and improving zips for over 80 years. Made in Switzerland, RIRI® zips are renowned for their precision and reliability and are a premium component of an ebbelsen® jacket.

One of the special qualities of our RIRI® zips involves the use of extended teeth to serve as tracks for the slider; which protects the fabric tape from repeated abrasion.

The RIRI® DECOR specification - which we use for our garments - feature teeth made with a special injection process using acetal resin to ensure an extremely strong bond to the zip tape. With their own exceptional tensile strength, the teeth are also especially resistant to oxidation and other external atmospheric agents. The overall greater mechanical strength makes them ideal for tough outdoor clothing.

Some clothing brands use a respectable zip in prominent places and lesser versions elsewhere on a garment, or even disguise the standard of zips they source by covering the zip pullers with their own-brand plastic caps or sleeves. (Some even design plastic pullers to resemble the famous RIRI® versions they once used). We leave our RIRI® pullers and sliders as they are. If we're going to use the finest zips in the world, we're proud to display them.

Ebbelsen riri decor zips
Ebbelsen brass antiqued riri zip
Cordura hem trim
Textile logo

CORDURA® cuffs and hem

For 50 years CORDURA® fabrics have been known as the finest durable and tough textiles designed for outdoor products.

All jackets typically begin to show the first signs of natural wear around the cuffs and hem (where the fabric is folded sharply and where the garment suffers subtle but constant rubbing and abrasion). While Duuton®3  cotton is unusually durable, like nearly all fabrics the first areas on a jacket that are most likely to show eventual signs of age are at these key wear points. We don't believe in compromising an investment in premium materials and hardware in a trekking and outdoor field jacket when its long life might only be limited by the aethstetic of worn cuffs and hem? It can be a travesty when a faithful jacket still has years of fine service ahead, but for the minor - yet unsightly - fraying and wear in these prominent places? That's why we make the extra effort to protect your investment by lining these critical areas with a synthetic but durable CORDURA® trim for effective abrasion defence. Your ebbelsen jacket may travel the world with you several times, so we refuse to let disintegrating cuffs or worn hems let the side down.

This special precaution simply levels the aging process across the entire garment and counterbalances areas prone to the highest natural wear and to effectively extend the life of the jacket to its full potential. We use a low denier flexible CORDURA® for this purpose, which is colourfast, stable and exceptionally durable.

Cordura cuff trim
Ebbelsen anti-wear cordura cuffs

For cord-grips and buckles we use premium hardware supplied by Wasa of Sweden.

Ebbelsen is a registered trademark of Ebbelsen Ltd. Duuton is a registered trademark of Hennerson Ltd. Cordura is a registered trademark of INVISTA. riri is a registered trademark of Riri Group SA.