Design and features

A remarkable field jacket:

Ebbelsen ventile cotton jacket

The TREK MKII design

The ebbelsen® TREK MKII defines a benchmark for all serious field, trekking, adventure travel and general outdoor jackets. Its list of features and detailed design represents our ongoing commitment to truly exceptional field and trekking jackets.

It's a tough, good-looking jacket that you can rely on year upon year, throughout all seasons.
Adventure Travel magazine. Issue 134, March/April 2018.

The ebbelsen® TREK MKII is a classic and versatile hip length jacket, with long sleeves - to protect the tops of hands - and a high, well fitting, collar for comfortable weather protection. Behind the main zip an internal storm flap provides extra protection, while a broad outer storm flap defends the front zip from wind and rain. Four large external pockets are complimented by a large zipped internal chest pocket and a fully tailored detachable hood is stored inside its own pouch pocket. Adjustable draw cords at the hem, across the rear waist and around the hood allow for a tailored or snug fit, while fully adjustable cuffs and tailored elbows improve comfort and movement.

Key features:

  • Made from Double Layer Duuton®3  - sometimes branded as etaProof ® or Ventile® (all are the same textile made by Stotz) - for maximum protection and versatility. Many Ventile®/Duuton®3  jackets are made using only a single layer of this special fabric. Our jackets use a layer on the outside and then a complete second layer on the inside (and not just across the shoulders). This gives you twice the protection.
  • Double lap felled main seams for strength and protection
  • Duel core-spun thread for peace-of-mind
  • True premium RIRI® zips for precision and dependability
  • CORDURA® cuffs and hem for long-term abrasion defence
  • Raglan shoulders for comfort and performance
  • Stress point bar-tack stitching for reinforcement
  • Roll top cargo pockets for extra security
  • Large 18mm S-spring rattle-free studs for reliability and ease
  • Two-way front zip for comfort and convenience
  • Anti-wick inner hem for keeping dry
  • Detachable (and stored) hood for when it's needed
  • And expert tailoring for outdoor protection and function (including: long wrists, contoured elbows, no top-seam shoulders and large protective collar).
Ebbelsen stored hood
Ebbelsen bar tack welted pocket
Riri sub zip
Ebbelsen duuton3 travel jacket

The TREK MKII features

Duuton3 ELS cotton textile

Full Double Layer Duuton®3 :

Twice the jacket and double the performance with a full Double Layer Duuton®3  construction. (aka etaProof® / Ventile®; all made by Stotz).

Our design and choice of materials has created a robust and versatile outdoor jacket and for the TREK MKII this begins with 200g Duuton®3  - 100% cotton - for both the outer layer and inner (lining) layer. This provides double the protection while the outer layer also protects the inner layer from high impact wind or rain. (Be aware that many etaProof®/Ventile® jackets which only use one outer layer of Ventile®, or only a double-layer across the shoulders).

Double lap felled seams:

To compliment the weatherproof performance of Duuton®3  and to ensure a truly robust construction, all major body seams - inside and out - are double lap felled seams. This creates extra strong interlocking seams and seams with four levels of material for the needle and thread to penetrate and lock the fabric components tightly together.

Ebbelsen bar tack stitching


Equally important is the use of a special thread optimized for this form of construction. An inner synthetic core - for strength and durability - is tightly wrapped in a cotton sheath which forms a tighter seal at each hole created by the sewing needle and further improves the seam's weatherproof integrity.

Bar-tack stitching:

To create a reliable and tough jacket for global travel and active outdoor use, we take the extra precaution of adding bar-tack stitching reinforcements to all key stress points. Most importantly this includes where zips are anchored to the jacket, at pocket openings, pocket flaps and at the hem.

Ebbelsen riri decor zips

RIRI® zips:

When using premium long-lasting fabrics and construction methods, it would be pointless to jeopardize this investment by using ordinary zips. These mechanical moving parts endure heavy wear and stresses during the lifetime of a jacket, so we invest in the absolute best. We only ever use RIRI® zips; renowned for their unmatched reliability, performance and strength.

Two-way zip:

A double-ended, or two-way, zip allows the front of the jacket to be unzipped and opened from the bottom. This creates extra leg-room; ideal for cycling, horse riding, ascending steep gradients, or even for simply sitting in the car. It also allows for easy access to inner clothing without fully opening the jacket.

Ebbelsen CORDURA jacket cuff

CORDURA® cuffs and hem:

The cuffs and hem of any jacket are typically the first areas to eventually show signs of natural wear and ageing. That's why we've lined these key areas on the TREK MKII with CORDURA® fabric for effective protection against gradual abrasion. This helps even the aging process across the entire garment and extends the jacket's life to its full potential.

Anti-wick hem:

The CORDURA® abrasion protection at the hem has been extended inside the garment to create an effective anti-wick strip. This minimises moisture potentially travelling from the outside to the inside; particularly if legs are wet.

Roll top envelope pockets

Roll top pockets:

The two large cargo pockets feature a special design at the opening which incorporates a fold-over closure as part of the envelope over-lay studded flap. This maintains easy access but improves the security of any items stored inside by avoiding gaps at the pocket's closure.

Strong pockets:

The large cargo base pockets are also constructed using a double layer of 200g Duuton®3 . Making this unusual commitment to use two layers of textile to create the outer pocket walls provides extra weather protection and reassuring security.

The lower front pockets are bellows pockets for extra capacity, with rolled tops and bar tacks for security, double layer fabric inside and out, double seams around the edges and two brass studs to close it up. It's like a master class in how to do pockets.
Well Dressed Dad Blog
Ebbelsen S-spring studs

S-spring studs:

We use extra large 18mm S-spring snap studs for ease of use; especially with gloved hands. The 'S' shaped internal spring design - helping to form their familiar ball and socket exterior - avoids the inferior alternative design of enclosed wire circles forming a snap closure; which can become less effective over time and often rattle. Our premium metal studs are reliably robust and treated against corrosion.

Adjustable draw cords:

Drawcords at hem, across that back at the waist and around the hood.

Whereas drawstrings are mostly a string with something on the end to tighten it, these are again a master class in doing it properly.
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Ebbelsen TREK MKII hood storage pocket

Detachable hood:

A detachable hood is carefully tailored in three parts and is again constructed - as like the jacket - from Double Layer 200g Duuton®3 . It is effortlessly and securely attached to the collar using 18mm snap studs and is stored within its own pouch pocket (inside the jacket), when not in use. It features an adjustable draw cord around the face, a peak above the eyes to help deflect rain and a volume adjuster at the rear for clearer vision. While the TREK MKII does not position itself primarily as a garment for wet weather, the hood is an excellent safeguard for the occasions when you unexpectedly need it.

The hood lies flat in it's pocket, instead of being lost somewhere at home […]. Speaking of the hood, it's a great design. From the shape to the peak, to the drawstring to the adjustment at the rear for size. You can easily adjust it to fit right, and it stays right. It's remarkable how many poorly designed hoods I come across, when it's really not impossible to do it right. As proven here.
Well Dressed Dad Blog
Ebbelsen riri side zip pocket

Raglan shoulders:

Raglan shoulders avoid using excessive seams and avoid seams inappropriately placed across the tops of shoulders. This premium pattern and cut uses larger single pieces of fabric but limits any opportunities for water ingress, excessive wear points from shoulder straps and provides a more comfortable experience for the user in general and particularly when wearing a pack.

Double storm flaps:

A generous storm flap protects the main zipped opening from the outside, while a second storm flap doubles the protection on the inside. The inner storm flap protects the user's chin from uncomfortable contact with the zip, while full length rows of parallel stitching - sitting behind the zip - create an anti-snag finish.

Pocket volume:

All external pockets incorporate central folded pleats, which sit flat, but provide extra volume when needed. The cargo base pockets feature these pleats on both inner and outer layers as well as corner darts to provide more three-dimensional volume. The inner chest pocket also uses a full length folded pleat for extra capacity.


Fully adjustable cuffs ensure the perfect fit for varied conditions and adjustable draw cords at the waist (across the back) and hem provide versatility and a personalized fit.

Headphone access:

The zipped inner chest pocket provides easy headphone access through a small double welted placket and a cable tidy loop is also positioned on the left "lapel".

Side pocket zip:

A hidden side zip provides wider and easier access into the angled ebbelsen chest pocket.

[The TREK MKII is] made from Duuton3 - sometimes referred to as Ventile - and really feels like it has been crafted as opposed to just thrown together. […] It seems as though everything has been considered.
Adventure Travel magazine. Issue 134, March/April 2018.
Ebbelsen jacket showing inner lining