How our jackets are made:

Wherever your adventure, trek, trip or day may take you, ebbelsen® jackets are built to be outdoors.

Ebbelsen ventile cotton jacket


No matter what textile labels a garment might display, the very finest materials can mean very little if a garment is badly constructed. The common standard of 'adequate' isn't sufficient for a truly premium outdoor field jacket.

Ebbelsen cotton jacket made from Duuton3

While the extra care and skills required for the detailing of a premium construction may not always be immediately obvious, they always become apparent through prolonged use and years of service. There are over 60 separate pieces of fabric expertly cut and assembled to make one ebbelsen TREK MKII jacket. This takes significant time, but is time well spent.

The TREK MKII is a deceptively sophisticated design. The opening lapels carefully incorporate front and rear storm flaps to cover the main zip while also intelligently off-setting seams on the inside from the outside to improve weatherproofing. Both inner and outer storm flaps ingeniously overlap and shield the stitching used to install the zip.

Our choice of specialized duel core-spun thread - to maximise the garment's performance - has untypical levels of stretch, so it's imperative that we use the correct thread tension when stitching and that we put our seams together slowly in order to use the finest needle gauges with thicker stronger threads.

Some details are hard to spot. After we have added the pockets, the pocket flaps and zips, we then go back to each one and add extra bar-tack stitching to key stress points to increase the strength.

Not everything we do can be seen. From the fundamental extra-strong double lap felled seams on all major body seams to the intricate finishing of raw edges hidden inside pockets, we skip nothing. By carefully finishing internal pocket seam edges the pockets avoid internal fraying and deteriorating unnecessarily into the future.

For the main cargo pockets we don't just add a pocket panel to the jacket. We take the unusual precaution of adding two layers of (Duuton®3 ) fabric, giving the pockets their own double layer outer skin. This doubles the weather protection and adds additional security for belongings stored inside.

Some additional materials can go unnoticed. For each envelope pocket flap and for the main outer storm flap and the inner storm flap, we again use two separate layers of Duuton®3  to double the protection. And for areas of potential strain, such as the adjustment anchors (for the inner waist draw cord), we also double the fabric.

Some design decisions are slight, but important to us. Our main RIRI® zip features a bonded reinforcement on the textile tape to give our bar-tack stitching phenomenal grip. And even our colour ebbelsen® chest pocket stud is vinyl covered - to avoid scratching and external wear.

Ebbelsen double layer etaproof jacket
Ebbelsen ventile jackets with S-spring studs

Double lap felled seams

For main body seams - inside and out - we use double lap felled seams to ensure better weather protection and extra strength.

This special and skilled construction technique joins together two sections of fabric by interlocking two folded edges, creating a seam with four levels of fabric for the needle and thread to penetrate and lock the fabric components tightly together. No fabric edges are left exposed and seams are kept flat.

And speaking of seams, all are felled, there's not a rough edge or over locked seam to be found anywhere. I'm telling you, it warms the cockles of my heart (i.e. I'm very pleased).
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Duel core-spun thread

To maximize the performance of our materials and construction methods we use a special duel core-spun thread.

A high tenacity synthetic core - for extra strength and durability - is combined with a cotton cover or sheath. The long staple cotton wrap helps seal each penetration of the fabric - particularly when wet - and dramatically improves the weatherproof integrity of each seam.

Double layer ventile jacket

Double layer construction

A core feature of the TREK MKII is the commitment to using two full layers of 200g Duuton®3  (aka Ventile®) cotton.

Some Duuton®3  (or etaProof® and Ventile®) garments are constructed using only a single layer of the cotton textile, or use a second layer only at the shoulders. The TREK MKII uses a double layer (or twin skin) construction throughout, for double the protection and for extra durability. The Duuton®3  outer layer is complimented by a fixed inner layer - or lining - of a second full layer of Duuton®3/Ventile®. This creates a robust garment with doubly effective protection against foul weather while the outer layer or "skin" also protects the inner layer from high impact wind or rain.

Fabric materials designed to defend against wet weather are often concerned by the pressure  of water. Light rain, for example, does not physically impact a garment with the same amount of force, or pressure, as a tropical monsoon or a thunderstorm might. While a single layer of Duuton®3  can withstand significant rainfall in its own right, a double layer system also protects the inner layer from the actual impact and pressure of "heavy" rain; leaving the inner lining layer to easily fend against any potential moisture - of virtually no impact pressure - and preserve a comfortable inner environment (especially next to the skin) for the wearer.

Ebbelsen jacket white cross stud

1 year guarantee

So confident are we in our construction standards, our chosen materials and the hardware we use, we are proud to give a 1 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. (Your statutory rights are not affected).

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