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Classic cotton outdoor field jackets are in our blood. We believe in making the finest field jackets in the world.

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Trekking, Travel and Outdoor Field Jackets

Classic trekking, outdoor field or adventure travel jackets are used by explorers through the foothills of the world's remotest mountain ranges; they are used by travellers through some of the greatest and hard to reach cities on earth and by lovers of wildlife in monsoon forests and across dry savannahs. Closer to home walkers in wild woodlands wear them and dog walkers across windswept beaches and costal cliffs rely upon them. Your field or trekking jacket is a constant companion for the widest range of outdoor environments and it's your go-to jacket for when you're heading outside. From global adventure to everyday use, it's the jacket you wear for being outdoors.

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Ever since the ebbelsen® founders first established the philosophy of our company we've continued those traditions in the only way we know how; by continuing to produce the most remarkable trekking and field jackets we can. It's easy to make a good outdoor field jacket but instead we've always chosen to make great  jackets - the finest field and trekking jackets we know how and only jackets we are proud to call an ebbelsen® outdoor jacket.

As specialists in our field we choose excellence; we choose to make truly exceptional functional jackets.

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Introducing the all new TREK MKII

Our classic jacket, the TREK MKII - now made from Duuton®3  - defines a benchmark for all serious outdoor field jackets.

Ebbelsen TREK MKII field jacket

We loved the original Trek Jacket. We loved it for its timeless design and comfort as well as for its no nonsense outdoor functionality. Our lead designer has loved the feel, performance and tradition of classic field jackets for decades and for the TREK MKII has worked closely with one of the original designers of the original incarnation. Today the tailoring skills to offset inner seams from outer seams and the secrets of cutting a comfortable fit for active use are matched with modern materials and a performance led design.

In returning to the ebbelsen® name we have been inspired by the traditional qualities of classic trekking jackets and hold true to the principles of expert construction and only using truly premium materials. The latest cotton textile technologies now provide superb weatherproof protection and durability, so we've upgraded the MKII to use a double layer Duuton®3  cotton and incorporated a fully detachable hood, 5× functional pockets, articulated elbows, premium RIRI® zips throughout and CORDURA® anti-abrasion cuffs and hem.

The TREK MKII is now a substantial jacket; a robust jacket. If you could only choose one jacket for as many varied trips, treks or days outdoors as possible, we believe you'd grab your ebbelsen® TREK MKII. We would too. That's why we love the jackets we design, create and wear nearly as much as the days we spend outdoors.

Wherever your adventure, trek, trip or day may take you, ebbelsen® jackets are built to be outdoors.

The level of thought and detailing that's gone into this jacket is remarkable […] Oh, and it's a quite remarkable bargain as well.
Well Dressed Dad Blog

The new ebbelsen®
TREK MKII jacket

Now with: Detachable hood • Anti-abrasion cuffs and hem • 5× functional pockets • Double storm flaps • S-spring studs • Articulated elbows • Double Layer construction.

Duuton3® Cotton

Naturally Comfortable Weatherproof Protection.

Made from 100% cotton, Duuton®3  offers a special combination of comfort and protection.

RIRI® zips

True premium zips, renowned for their precision, reliability and durability. Made in Switzerland with acetal resin teeth for greater mechanical strength.


Recognised as the finest textiles offering rugged durable performance.

Protects hem and cuffs against ageing for the life of the jacket.